“Dream big, walk softly, take flight and give what you want.”

Theodore Lillie’s work blends photography, collage, sculpture, installation and video with computer programming, solar design, industrial design, off-grid production and electrical solutions. He explores intersections of landscape, portraiture, human idiosyncrasy and natural phenomenon. His photographs, knit into 3D works, create intense, unified scenes of contemporary life; his photographic constructions of the same scene reveal new dialogue within multiple perspectives. For Lillie, an extreme athlete, motion is life and life is art. His work emerged while skateboarding San Francisco streets, driving back roads, cutting old imagery to weave into new work or using wire and steel to emphasize tension and balance. The physicality of dismantling parts to reinvent dialogue and context stimulates reappraisal of personal, natural and communal realities.

Lillie’s photographs have been exhibited at San Francisco Art Institute, Smith Anderson North, Gen Art and belong to diverse private collections. As a professional photographer, his clients include Ready Made Magazine, the Oakland Museum of California, Architects, Artists, Designers, Political Events and San Francisco Nightlife. He was the product photographer for San Francisco tech startup Branders and assistant to Dennis Hearne, political portrait photographer. Lillie was Fulcrum Projects Technical Director. In 2007 he developed Forest Alchemy with Tracy Ginsberg and is Forest Alchemy Technical Director. For more information visit www.forestalchemy.com